There are four types of poisonous snakes that are commonly found in the continental United States. The coral snake, a relative of the cobra snake, lives in the southern states from the east coast to Texas. The copperhead snake can be found in most states of the East and Midwest, the “Cottonmouth Mocassin” lives in the waterways and swamps of the South to Texas. The rattlesnake, of the Viper family, is the most common snake in various varieties and can be found almost everywhere in the United States.

The most common poisonous snakes found in the United States are among the numerous species of rattlesnakes. Some species inhabit the deserts and arid mountains of the Southwest States. Other species live in the mountainous regions. Still others can be found in the forests, mountains and marshes of the east. Some species are quite large and very dangerous. Contrary to popular belief, most rattlesnake bites are not fatal, but they can be extremely painful.