Through brainbi price monitoring you will see exactly:
which prices your competitors charge at which time for the products you have in your assortment.
where price campaigns take place and how they influence prices and assortments.
Which retailer offers how many of the products you have in your assortment.
How differently customers evaluate these products at different retailers.
If available, specify the delivery time and the shipping costs.
Observe the price development on the market and secure your competitive advantage. With brainbi price monitoring, you keep track of the prices of your competitors.

The price as the biggest profit lever
For the majority of their customers, the price is decisive for the purchase of the product or the migration to the competition. At the same time, the demands on online merchants are increasing: they are under increasing price pressure due to high price transparency. Some even complain of being involved in a price war. The strong price orientation of the customer pushes for an ongoing price adjustment. This is why pricing is becoming a relevant business strategy for companies that plays a significant role in their success.

Strengthen your competitive position
The correct positioning of prices, and the start for competitive pricing, for a large assortment of articles, is a great challenge for all online retailers. Both strategically and operationally. On the one hand, customers can find out about current prices in e-commerce at any time – research via a large number of price comparison portals has long been part of everyday life for the end customer. On the other hand, retailers are facing more and more competitors and ever faster price changes.