Brainbi does not receive personal information from your client. Brainbi collects and uses only visitor-related technical data to display personalized recommendations, advertising and optimizations.

Browsing data

Brainbi must be able to identify trends in order to get relevant ads, but never store data that would cause a person to be identified. Brainbi collects browsing-related data through cookies or ad IDs that store:

  • Events related to the visitor’s operation on our customer’s website (such as the number of pages visited, goods displayed on that website, search queries made on the customer’s website)
  • other device-related information (device type, operating system, version, locale)
  • non-precise geographic details to identify the city or country of the visitor (to show advertising only for products).

brainbi does not store and does not use:

  • precise IP information
  • device specific information like Apple IDFA, Google AAID, UDID, MAC
  • any PII (names, phone, address, etc)
  • sensitive information (religion, political opinion, etc)

Data exchange

brainbi does not:

  • sell collected information collects visitor information during the advertisement process except for advertising reactions (click or opt-out)
  • Cookies matching brainbi connect visitors to advertising platforms such as DoubleClick to provide specific ads to visitors.
  • Brainbi only adds a pixel of the advertising platform to match cookies on our customer’s eCommerce websites.
  • Brainbi does not match cookies when requesting bids or advertisements are shown.