Machine learning is one of the most trending branch of commuter science, where without writing explicitly programming the system will able to learn from learning module (example: historical data, pattern etc) and solve the business problem like human.

Who can learn the machine learning?
Any one who has the passion to learn the technology & and having the basic problem solving skill can learn the machine learning.
What are the minimum requirement to learn machine learning?
No worry you can learn the machine learning, but good if you have some basic knowledge of these subjects

  •     Statistics
  •     Probability
  •     Any programming language (I follow Python)
  •     Basic linear Algebra
  •     Basic calculus
Machine Learning Introduction – Deep Machine Learning
Machine Learning Introduction – Deep Machine Learning

If you don’t have any knowledge of above subject, do not worry still you can learn machine learning; please bear with me.

OK let’s back to the introduction of the machine learning. Do you know every day at least 4 to 5 times you are using machine learning for example when you are doing online shopping on Amazon, when you are searching key word on google or may be when you re giving voice instruction to your smart phone. All these are the best example of machine learning. On very high level there are 2 type how the machine learning used in the industry: 1) Supervised learning: example – parametric algorithms, kernels, neural networks etc.
2) Unsupervised learning: example – clustering, recommendation systems, deep learning etc.