In order to store, organize and manage vital data generally people use database software. The databases that are generally used are Microsoft Access, Sybase, Oracle, Lotus Approach and Microsoft SQL. However, when using these databases you will discover that the software that is being used in your system encountering some issues; like unable to send attached images to other formats. Whatever may be the issue your intention to send images as well as data to a different format you need to know how. The answer to this why is SQL Image Viewer. This is a shareware tool and can be downloaded from the web. Being a shareware, you can use the trial version to do some experiment with it to determine whether you can use it and how to use it. This is how you will use it.

First, you need to open the SQL editor and in the editor tab you have to load the SQL script. Script load can be done in two ways – one by clicking the ‘load script’ button and the secondly by entering the script manually. After loading the script either press button F5 or click ‘execute’ button. If everything is OK, that is, if there is no mistake in the syntax of the script then the command will be executed smoothly and open the results tab.

How to Export Database Contents with Embedded Images
How to Export Database Contents with Embedded Images 

In the second step you have to attach the images you want to send. Before you do so you need to ensure that the image you are about to export is okay in all respect. You will be able to view the images in three types of layouts – filmstrip, tiled and thumbnail. Most of the image formats are supported by the tool. The formats are BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and PSD. You have the option of editing the image you want to use before you send it.

In order to edit the image you export the image to you disk where you will be able to see them separately. When the image opens you can see all the information about the image on the side of the screen. Having edited the image, save the image on your disk.

SQL Image viewer is convenient as it works with nearly all types of database software. With this you can view, convert, export and retrieve images in databases like firebird, MySQL, Oracle and other open database connectivity. Therefore when you find that your database is unable to support image export, you can use SQL Image Viewer to your advantage.