An ethernet protocol analyzer gives you an in-depth look at your network activity, and helps you prevent serious problems that will lower your productivity. You can find out whether your TCP/IP sessions are “hanging,” and which systems are failing to respond. You can view delta time stamps and errors, and find out which network devices are experiencing communication problems.

With the use of an ethernet protocol analyzer, you can effectively capture and display all of the traffic coming through your Ethernet wire. You can also apply filters, in order to target and view specific traffic. These tools can help you immensely as you troubleshoot, prevent problems, and improve your overall LAN performance.

Ethernet Protocol Analyzer
Ethernet Protocol Analyzer

Features of an Ethernet Protocol Analyzer

Certain select types of ethernet protocol analyzer software will allow you to capture simultaneous sessions from separate network segments. You can use multiple LAN or WAN adapters simultaneously, and even access remote segment packet data. You can quickly isolate and diagnose network problems, by capturing all data packets exchanged between nodes, regardless of your hardware or software type.

The right ethernet protocol analyzer will filter and decode packet data, allowing you to detect network problems. You can pinpoint problems such as protocol errors, unauthorized nodes, incorrectly configured routers, and unreachable devices. For extra ease of use, look for an ethernet protocol analyzer with a customizable multi-view display.