Knowledge Management Software

Companies generate data that can be turned into useful information. The process of changing data into information is called business intelligence or knowledge management. Knowledge management has many benefits for a company that chooses to implement a system. Greater...

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Analysis Server

Business intelligence is defined as turning raw data into usable information. Companies generate data through normal business operations. The data is stored in a database and analysts use the data to identify trends in the company. In order to get the information from...

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How to Analyze Content Data to Increase Pageviews

There is a lot that can be learned from the content data offered. In fact, if you spend the time analyzing this content data, you can significantly increase your performance bonus. This is by no means an overnight way to boost pageviews, but with the right amount of...

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Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a new domain in artificial intelligence and machine learning, that uses neural networks to collect huge amounts of data and learn from it. It offers the possibility to develop artificial intelligence that can act in two ways: 1. Exist outside a...

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How to Learn Deep Learning – Let’s learn it !

Learn Deep Learning! You don’t need to learn a computer science background. If you go through various tutorials online, you will understand quite well how to build a Deep Learning architecture. In this article, we will see how we can train our Deep Learning model with...

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Introducing How Artificial Intelligence Works

Artificial Intelligence works on billions of data points, from consumer habits to airplane routes, and adjusts its program to match supply and demand. As global commerce transforms from one driven by humans to one driven by machines, the merging of human and...

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Introducing How Deep Learning Works

Deep Learning works with  a logistic regression. It is sensitive to non-normal data, which means it can suffer from correlations when learning and can be unable to cope with outliers.  Every time we read “academic literature”, we have to be very careful...

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Artificial Intelligance is the Cornerstone of Technology

What is Artificial Intelligence? People have been asking this question as long as there has been the thought of Artificial Intelligence. Or as you may more commonly know it as, AI. According to Wikipedia or Wiki, it describes AI as the intelligence of machines and the...

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