Business Credit Cards for Your Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you might be wondering if you should get business credit cards for your employees. Depending on the nature of your business, it might be essential for you to provide certain employees like salesmen with funds at their disposal to pay...

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Competitive Pricing – All you need to know

Especially self-employed people who are still in the early stages of their start-up are often uncertain how much they can charge for a certain service. As a rule, self-employed people in creative professions, in particular, sell themselves below value. Information on...

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Amazon AWS Activate promotes analytics startup brainbi

We are honored to say that we have been selected as a partner for the "AWS Activate" program. brainbi and AWS Activate jointly develop Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning for Retail AWS Activate" is a program to support and accelerate entrepreneurship, launched by...

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brainbi and

We are happy to announce that brainbi takes over pricify.couteilen, the startup is now part of brainbi. The activities of the price monitoring specialized on end customers will now be continued within the framework of All activities have been...

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Market analysis

To be able to implement a reasonable and effective pricing policy, the market environment must be known. For this purpose, a market analysis (or market research) is carried out. Market analysis is usually part of marketing, but can also be carried out as part of...

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Pricing Strategies – How to price a product [Video]

We found a great video from Evan Carmichael we wanted to share with you. The transcript of this video is attached below for you: How to price a product, so I got a great, question for one of my YouTube viewers, Eduardo,love...

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When to buy the cheapest on the Internet

Technical contribution. The prices on the internet are roller coaster. Amazon alone changes them a million times a day. When shopping on the Internet, it all depends on who hits when. Almost everyone does it: Quickly compare prices on your smartphone in the online...

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