What are sticky prices?

The oligopoly is a market form in which there are many buyers but few suppliers. An oligopoly with exactly two suppliers is called a duopoly or dyopoly, while a market where there are also few suppliers and few buyers is called a bilateral oligopoly. Price rigidity...

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How to calculate map pricing?

Price control is an economic policy tool for controlling prices on the market, which adds an additional component to supply and demand. The idea behind it is to support certain groups of people and/or companies from the farming community as producers to socially...

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What’s a price point?

A price point is a retail selling price that is directly below a round number (e.g. 2.99 EUR). The price point is therefore a special, fixed sales price to achieve a sales-promoting effect. This is because a price that is just below the round price is considered...

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Price Monitoring Website

According to a study by eMarketer, global e-commerce sales already cracked the 1,000,000,000,000 USD mark a few years ago.1 More than 70% of all consumers in Germany are already shopping on the Internet.2 As in previous years, online trading continues to grow...

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Competitive Price Monitoring

Through brainbi price monitoring you will see exactly: which prices your competitors charge at which time for the products you have in your assortment. where price campaigns take place and how they influence prices and assortments. Which retailer offers how many of...

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Competitor Price Monitoring Services

No other factor is as important in the purchasing behaviour of the customer as price. That is why systematic price monitoring is essential for successful retailers. With blackbee's intelligent price monitoring, retailers can see on a daily basis which competitors are...

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Price Monitoring Extension

The development in e-commerce is giving rise to radical price transparency and rapid price developments. Price search engines and marketplaces make it very easy for the end customer to determine the market price of products. Attractive pricing, which also takes...

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Map Price Monitoring

When placing an advertising campaign, the fundamental question is whether to a) stay with one media genre or b) mix several media genres. Option a) would have the advantage that you only have to create and pay for one type of advertising medium (ads or spots or...

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Minimum Advertised Price Monitoring Software

Practically since ecommerce via the World Wide Web began, automated price monitoring tools have been used. The end customer has used price search engines and price comparison tools practically immediately in the B2C environment. Every online retailer knows what...

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