The main decision point online is: the price

A few days before Christmas Eve, the Christmas business is booming. Stationary as in the net, consumers are on the lookout for gifts and always on the lookout for one or two bargains. The majority of German Internet users shop online, but expect prices to be lower...

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Terms and Conditions

Please, read carefully these Terms and Conditions before accepting them. Then print Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy sign them and save together with all confirmation messages, received from Us through any means of telecommunication, along with financial...

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Data Collection Policy

Brainbi does not receive personal information from your client. Brainbi collects and uses only visitor-related technical data to display personalized recommendations, advertising and optimizations. Browsing data Brainbi must be able to identify trends in order to get...

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Price research for online shops

Learn more about the evolution of prices in each of your competitors, completely without restrictions or limitations. Competitive benchmarking. Checking your own price position against your competitors is a valuable competitive advantage in your market. Multiple...

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Pricing – definition and application

Cost-based sales price formation You need a cost estimate for each individual costing process. But not every company bases its pricing almost exclusively on its costs. This is much more often the case in the industry, since the developed products usually hardly differ...

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