Price research for online shops

Learn more about the evolution of prices in each of your competitors, completely without restrictions or limitations. Competitive benchmarking. Checking your own price position against your competitors is a valuable competitive advantage in your market. Multiple...

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Pricing – definition and application

Cost-based sales price formation You need a cost estimate for each individual costing process. But not every company bases its pricing almost exclusively on its costs. This is much more often the case in the industry, since the developed products usually hardly differ...

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Add Magento Store 2.3.x to brainbi platform

Use the following steps to generate an access token: Log in to Admin and click System > Extensions > Integrations to display the Integrations page. Click Add New Integration to display the New Integration page. Enter a unique name for the integration in...

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Behavioural theory for pricing

Behavioural theoretical models are hypothetical constructs that aim to understand and explain people's mental trains of thought (Diller 2008, p. 94). Behavioral theoretical aspects are used in the pricing approaches discussed in this paper to understand how customers...

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Add Prestashop to the brainbi platform

Go into your Prestashop Back Office and click on the ADVANCED PARAMETERS -> Webservice Make sure following options must be yesEnable PrestaShop webserviceEnable CGI mode for PHP Click on Add new webservice key Click the Generate button to generate web service...

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Add your Shopify shop to the brainbi platform

Step 1: Login to From there it is really easy, just follow these steps: From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.Click Manage private apps, near the bottom of the page. Click Create a new private app.In the App details section, enter a name for the private app...

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