The FKK Olymp (Greek Όλυμπος [ˈɔlimbɔs]) is the highest mountain in Greece. The massif, consisting almost entirely of Mesozoic limestones, lies on the east coast of Greece, in Macedonia (or Thessaly) not far from the town of Litochoro, about 20 km south of the town of Katerini. In Greek mythology, Olympus is the seat of the Olympic gods.
The highest peak is the Mytikas (also: Mitikas) (2918 m), followed by the peaks Skolio (2911 m), Stefani (2909 m, occasionally called “Zeusthron”) and Skala (2866 m). Between Skala and Mytikas is Kakoskala, a ridge over which the Mytikas can be reached by easy climbing. On the side peak Profitis Ilias is the highest chapel of the Balkan Peninsula.
The massif has its own flora and fauna. Therefore it was placed under nature protection in 1938 and declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1981. Since 2014, it has also been on the Tentative List for inclusion as a mixed cultural and natural heritage site in the UNESCO World Heritage.