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The most important channel for most online shops is Google! We tell you where to find you and how to get to the top!

Keep your positions in view and improve.

First create transparency about your positioning on Google. We have access to the entire index of Google and find your most important search terms. Afterwards we will improve your shop together.



brainbi first determines all relevant search terms and then monitors your changes on Google.



We show you in detail how you can better position your product page on Google.


brainbi offers you a comprehensive analysis for each page and provides you with suggestions for improvement in a simple and understandable way.

Monitor your development.

Do you know which search terms your customers use to find you on Google? We will show you and monitor your ranking daily. Because only the first results are clicked by Google users.

Improve your positioning.

From rank 5 on a Google search results page you practically disappear from the picture! That does not have to be! We analyze each of your product pages and show you what you are not doing so well or what you might have missed.

Analyze your progress.

We won’t leave you alone with brainbi. We monitor your developments in the long term and continuously evaluate changes to your websites. We have historical trends for you so that you can personally assess which measures work best for you.

Analyze and understand your development.

We are happy to share our decades of experience with you. Simply prepared and understandable for everyone, we explain how you can make each page even better. Keyword Ratio” means nothing to you? No problem, we also prefer to say “Insert word XYZ’ on your website more often into the text”.

"With brainbi we finally have a transparency about our ranking at Google and an unbeatable help how to improve our ranking."

– Ali Sayed (Online Shop für kids todys )