Price Monitoring for Retail

Monitor daily prices, promotions and inventory of your competitors in any country, currency or online store. You can investigate specific competitor e-commerce as well as price comparison portals such as Google Shopping, Idealo or the Marketplace with different merchants such as Amazon or eBay. Discover how marketable your prices are, where you are more expensive or cheaper to adjust your prices accordingly and thus increase sales and profits. Our price monitoring tool also allows you to view delivery costs and times with competitors, and helps you choose the right global pricing strategy for your business.

Price Monitoring History

Thanks to our unlimited data storage capacity, you always know how the prices and stock levels of your products, brands and categories will develop in the medium and long term with the various suppliers. Through the analysis of the price development you discover the different pricing strategies of the competitors, and see which suppliers observe each other’s prices and with which profit margins they work.

Price Analytics

Enables the display of prices and stock availability in your own e-commerce or with competitors. We provide you with an intuitive tool to help you design the right pricing strategy in the environment you know best: Your own e-commerce. For each online shop you will see our heat-map of prices, which will show you how the customer perceives your prices.

Price Monitoring Dashboard

With over 20 charts, you have the most complete dashboard designed by pricing and retail experts. It helps you examine all relevant data to make strategic decisions. See your competitors’ gross profit margins, how many new products they offer each month, how dynamic their pricing is, what storage strategies they use, and how many items have different prices each day. All graphics can be exported for presentations or studies.

Price Change Warnings and reports

Configure alerts and reports to receive email notifications as soon as our price monitoring gives changes in prices, products or competitor inventory, filtering all results. In Report Management, you can create your own data reports with the columns that are relevant to you, and determine how often these reports should be exported.