There is a lot that can be learned from the content data offered. In fact, if you spend the time analyzing this content data, you can significantly increase your performance bonus. This is by no means an overnight way to boost pageviews, but with the right amount of dedication, you will see an increase in your monthly bonus.

Tip #1: Determine Which Key Terms Work for You

If you access the content data, then click on “All Time Views”, you will see which articles have generated the most pageviews since you started writing. This data can be used to create additional content with these key terms. For example, the key term may be “healthy snacks”. Knowing this, you can go about creating new articles that revolve around this topic. You won’t see an immediate jump in pageviews, but overtime, these new articles may generate a significant amount of money.

How to Analyze Content Data to Increase Pageviews
How to Analyze Content Data to Increase Pageviews

Tip #2: Check for Monthly Hot Topics

For most writers, there are topics that gain popularity seasonally. These evergreen topics may earn thousands of pageviews one month, but very few pageviews the rest of the year. To see which articles are top performers for that month, click “Estimated Performance Views” on the last day of the month. Write down the key terms from the top performers and the month. This information won’t be immediately useful, but two months before that month rolls around next year, you can submit content for those key terms and topics. For example, if you find that your Christmas tree articles are performing really well in November and December, you can write more Christmas tree content starting in September or October of the following year.

Tip #3: Don’t Force It

While this information is useful, there will be times when a topic or key term is exhausted. Either the information on the topic was limited or you simply don’t have the passion to write future articles on that topic. Either way, you should never force content for pageviews. Content should come naturally so that it flows well and your passion for the topic reaches the reader. Forcing content can ruin your career and reputation.