Price Optimization

So far you have simply adopted the manufacturer’s recommended retail price (RRP)? Your experience or gut feeling has guided you? Why not let our artificial intelligence calculate an optimal price for you? You will be astonished!

Let the most modern algorithms of artificial intelligence calculate optimal prices for you!

All our methods and algorithms are scientifically sound and developed together with renowned universities. With brainbi you get exclusive access to price optimization with state-of-the-art algorithms.

Analyzed 24/7

brainbi analyses and optimises the prices of your shop without a break. Every impulse is detected in the algorithms and checked for its relevance for the optimal price.

Scientific grounding

All algorithms have been scientifically tested and originally come from university research.


In your control

brainbi is absolutely transparent. We explain how price changes come about and what effects can be expected. All results can be checked by you.

We optimize all products

As soon as you have set up our integration with your webshop, our artificial intelligence will start analyzing and calculating the optimal price for each product. The effort for you is minimal, but the effects are maximal.

State of the Art Algorithms

The algorithms of artificial intelligence are actually only reserved for the big technology companies. With brainbi the AI also works for your online shop. 

“What if?”

Even if we are convinced of our algorithms and they are scientifically verified, we understand if you do not trust blind. Therefore, we have created the possibility for you to question our AI and perform your own model calculations. Simply with two clicks.

We optimize your margins and you have the full overview!

With brainbi you have an overview of all margins and can actively watch how the situation improves for you.

"So far we have only used the standard reports from Prestashop. With brainbi we finally know what we've been missing.

– Marcus Tomaek (wine retailer)