Would you like to sell a selection of beverages? Cupcake Box? Packing shirts & tie? WooCommerce Mix & Match is a perfect solution that allows your customers to create bundle product packages by simply placing products in the box.

WooCommerce Mix & Match
WooCommerce Mix & Match

WooCommerce Mix & Match – Plug-In for Custom Product Boxes

Your customers can create gift boxes from different items and send them to their loved ones or order them themselves. Dealers can limit the maximum and minimum number of products a customer must add to complete the box and place the order. Dealers can also specify from which product group a customer can select a box. The solution works perfectly with simple and variable products.

Function list of the WooCommerce Mix & Match module

Allow customers to create a custom product box
Allow them to add products of their own choice
Multiple box pricing options for dealers
Select products for Box & Limit Min & Max Products
Possibility to calculate the shipping costs per product in box
Multiple Box Layout & Excellent UX in the mobile view
Multiple pricing rules for custom WooCommerce product boxes:

Fixed prices: You can set a fixed price for the box. The price does not change no matter how many products a customer adds to their box.

Price per product with box price (fee): The price is calculated in real time when the customer adds products to the box. The retailer can add a fixed price / fee for the box.

Price per product without additional box price (fee): You can choose not to add the field and have the price calculated based on the products a customer adds to his field.

Prefilled box & minimum / maximum product option: Dealers can prefill the field by adding products from the back office. Dealers can either prefill the entire box or partially refill it so that the customer can fill the rest with the products of their choice.

Dealers can also mark the prefill product as optional or mandatory. The customer cannot remove the mandatory prefilled items. Define the minimum and maximum products that can be added to a box.

The history of the popular WooCommerce Mix & Match e-commerce plugin
Like WordPress itself, WooCommerce offers its own complete plugin and theme economy and convinces with its simple modular structure. The rapid history of WooCommerce began in 2011 when WooThemes, in addition to its well-known themes and plug-ins, developed WooCommerce as a shop system plugin. WooCommerce emerged from the then well-known plugin Jigoshop and in the same year became the most successful shop system in WordPress.

In 2015, WooCommerce was acquired as a logical consequence by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, and gradually integrated into the WordPress economy. Today, according to BuiltWith, over 3.3 million websites use the popular WordPress plugin.

WooCommerce – The basis for your online shop
WooCommerce is technically only the basis for a successful shop. On WooCommerce.com you will find a variety of premium and free plugins, such as the plugins for the payment service providers Stripe, Amazon Pay and Klarna, with which you can expand your shop according to your needs.

In addition to the standard WordPress theme “Twenty Nineteen”, there is even the standard theme “Storefront”, which was explicitly developed for the use of WooCommerce. The basic theme impresses with its absolute simplicity and offers an excellent basis for setting up a shop. Storefront’s features are all exclusively geared towards e-commerce.

WooCommerce Mix & Match Plugin
WooCommerce Mix & Match Plugin

Conclusion: Is WooCommerce the right choice for your shop?
Of course, WooCommerce, just like all other shop systems, also has certain disadvantages. Nevertheless, we believe that the advantages – such as the cost factor or the growing WooCommerce ecosystem and community – outweigh the disadvantages at the end of the day. For this reason, WooCommerce is the best choice, especially for small to medium-sized shops. With just a few clicks you can turn your WordPress page into a cost-effective and professional online shop.

You can find more tips on WooCommerce in our 70+ page e-book WooCommerce for professionals: Online shops with WordPress. It is aimed at freelancers, agencies, WP professionals but also at beginners.

What do you think of WooCommerce Mix & Match? Do you already have experience with the WooCommerce plugin or other shop systems? I’m looking forward to your comments, tips and feedback.

WooCommerce Mix & Match Review

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