We are honored to say that we have been selected as a partner for the “AWS Activate” program.

brainbi and AWS Activate jointly develop Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning for Retail

AWS Activate” is a program to support and accelerate entrepreneurship, launched by Internet giant Amazon. AWS Active is designed to provide start-ups with free cloud resources and technical services. AWS Active supports start-ups through selected accelerators, incubators, seed/VC funds and startup-ready organizations. It also helps start-ups by providing the easy-to-use infrastructure they need to scale and grow their business at any size.

For start-ups, the technical resources they need to get up and sprint are crucial. With AWS Activate, start-ups cannot be constrained by their resources by using pay-as-you-go cloud services to meet their rapidly growing business needs, while these start-ups can focus on what’s important – customer service and innovation. The AWS active program meets the technology, support, knowledge sharing and other resource needs of start-ups, making it easier for them to use the cloud to scale their business.

Brainbi is a technology company dedicated to the development of advanced analytics and machine learning for optimization solutions in price and revenue management for the retail industry.

Brainbi has successfully joined the Amazon AWS Activate Initiation, which symbolizes that the Amazon AWS has officially recognized the achievements and successes of the Brainbi project to date. Since then, brainbi has been using Amazon AWS, the world’s leading cloud computing service, to leverage the resources needed to better expand international business and development.

Start-ups will always be a very important customer segment for AWS. They were one of our first clients and along the way these start-ups have built some amazing businesses, many of which are 100% owned by AWS. Start-ups operate in a world of high uncertainty and limited capital, so that an elastic and demand-driven infrastructure adapts naturally to their needs at low and variable costs. By reducing the cost of failure and democratizing access to infrastructure, the cloud has enabled more startups to build, experiment and scale.

AWS Activate