When placing an advertising campaign, the fundamental question is whether to a) stay with one media genre or b) mix several media genres. Option a) would have the advantage that you only have to create and pay for one type of advertising medium (ads or spots or banners), with b) you can rely on a combination of advertising medium advantages. The example below (Figure 8.3) shows the range advantages of mixing plans. Since it comes from a media company that – formerly – specialized primarily in print (Axel Springer AG), the result could not be completely free of self-interest.

Price Monitoring

Form of state price policy in the form of permanent price control, applied to forms of monopoly that cannot be circumvented or other forms of the market that are not in full competition (war economy and other economy of scarcity).

Example: Regulatory authorities in network monopolies.

Within the framework of abuse control of dominant companies, control of, among other things, very excessively high prices is envisaged.

Map Price Monitoring
Map Price Monitoring