Learn more about the evolution of prices in each of your competitors, completely without restrictions or limitations.
Competitive benchmarking. Checking your own price position against your competitors is a valuable competitive advantage in your market.
Multiple updates. We monitor and update the prices and availability information of your competitors several times a day so that you are aware of their development.

Why brainbi?

Our price research software automatically collects data about each individual price of your competitors. They are scanned several times a day, so you can perform data-driven actions much faster than anyone else. Here are some of the reasons why we differ from others:
Excellent Data Coverage – Our price research software is based on our excellent crawling technology that covers multiple products, categories or brands worldwide. This gives you access to a custom data set defined by your own products and competitors and suitable for your niche.
Always up to date – e-commerce companies need access to price updates from the market several times a day. That’s why we provide price and stock availability information four times in a single day.
No commitments in advance – Test our service quality for free price research in 14 days. We charge nothing during your trip and if it meets your expectations, choose a monthly plan and start your positive trip to a positive ROI.

Why is price research important?
There are many good reasons for a price search

Sie wissen wahrscheinlich, dass sich die Preise im E-Commerce oft an einem Tag ändern und ohne Automatisierung ist es fast unmöglich, Ihre Marktbewegungen zu verfolgen. Mit der Technologie von brainbi haben Sie mehr Zeit für die Analyse, den Wettbewerb und den Gewinn im E-Commerce, während andere mit manuellen Tracking-Techniken mit riesigen Tabellenkalkulationen kämpfen.

How does brainbi work?

How you can use the price search in 3 easy steps…..
Import your products and competitors. Simply add your product list and an unlimited number of competitors to your dashboard individually or via the mass upload function. Sit back and enjoy the flow of prices and inventory data to your dashboard.
Start data analysis

See in a single dashboard the difference your prices are below, above, or equal to your competitors’ prices in each of your products. Use advanced filtering options to focus on a specific category, brand, or product.

Make smarter decisions

After comparing your products with those of your competitors, you can experiment with increasing or decreasing your own products. Learn how these changes affect your sales and profit margins to understand how important price research is to your business. Reliable price research service for e-commerce companies of all sizes from around the world! Here are some great references we’ve received from our users. More reviews on brainbi can be found in Gartner’s Capterra, how we stay ahead in the price research market.

Frequently asked questions about price research

What does price research mean?

It is the task to keep a systematic and organized eye on the competition for product prices that match your own assortment.

Is price research necessary for my company? If you are active in a highly competitive e-commerce market where product prices are very important for influencing the purchase decision, then absolutely yes. Even the slightest price change can lead to massive results, and price research is the only way to make informed decisions. To achieve this, companies must fully automate the monitoring of their competitive landscape with minimal effort.

What is so special about brainbi’s price research system? – Unlike other market research and monitoring services on the market, brainbi does not require any technical integrations or configurations to offer a fully automated solution. You will find the value in minutes because we give you full control over what you want to analyze compared to others where they tell you what to track.

Would brainbi’s price research work in my country or industry? – Yes, because our technology works on-demand and flexibly meets your needs in all markets and countries. You simply define your own competitive product range regardless of a specific coverage or database, and you also select your own competitive landscape by listing each competitor’s website that you want to re-evaluate. Leave the rest to us.

I’m not a technical person. Is brainbi’s price research difficult for me to learn and use? – Not at all! The majority of our users are part of the sales, marketing, purchasing or finance departments of their companies, and they find brainbi quite easy to use as it requires no technical integration or setup. It is a comprehensive self-service solution where you can enter your products and competitors into your dashboard. However, if you’re struggling with something, we always have 24/7 live chat support that can help you anytime.

Is there a free demo or trial period to test brainbi before you start one of the paid plans? – Yes! We have a 14-day free trial version in which you can test all our monthly plans without any restrictions. It’s exactly the same experience you’ll have when you start a monthly subscription, so no cripples or blocked features during the trial period. After the trial period, you can choose one of our monthly plans and simply pay as usual and remember that you can cancel/gradate/upgrade your monthly subscription at any time with no penalties or hidden costs.

Learn how brainbi’s price research software has helped a company increase price performance and achieve a solid 38x ROI.