The development in e-commerce is giving rise to radical price transparency and rapid price developments. Price search engines and marketplaces make it very easy for the end customer to determine the market price of products. Attractive pricing, which also takes competitive prices into account, is therefore increasingly becoming a key success factor on the Internet. If the price is set too high only for a short time, the conversion rate will quickly decline.

The result: customers buy the product from the competition. Dealers are therefore forced to keep a constant eye on market prices and align their pricing strategy accordingly. But this can hardly be done manually, the effort would be gigantic.

The SaaS platform brainbi offers you a decisive advantage here: Through the automated monitoring of your products, you get a quick and easy comprehensive overview of market events. In the future, make your decisions on the basis of this well-founded market information and increase sales, margins and efficiency!

Easily identify sales potential?

brainbi provides you with the necessary information to determine your optimal offer price: By keeping an eye on your competitors, you know exactly how to adjust your prices to improve your position in price search engines and e-marketplaces. Easily bring your products into the focus of potential customers!